Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hollandale, Epilogue:

Well, I think I did a good job describing Hollandale but I don't think I did a very good job of explaining why it is so important to me. In fact, I imagine that some readers (all two of you) will probably be even more confused as to why this small, dying town has such a pull on me.

I don't know if I can explain it so let me leave you with a story:

A person asked me recently if I saw hope for education in the Delta. I answered honestly and said no. I think the battle for education in the Delta has been fought and lost. The person asked, why then did I continue to work for the cause of education in the Delta if I felt so strongly that it was a lost cause.

My answer to that question is the same as my answer to why Holldandale is so important to me:

I don't know.


michele said...

This half of your 2 readers understands completely the pull Hollandale has on you. When I drove through the Delta while on a photo shoot for work (www.asbj.com/199905/0599coverstory.html) 7 years ago, I knew I would be back. I've been back 3 times since, and each time the pull is stronger. I understand, too, your perseverance in the face of a lost battle -- but am equally at a loss to explain it.

Ed Fore said...

WoW! if you want to, somewhat, complete your "story" about why Hollandale is the way it is (and if he is still alive), ask Mr. Sanders about J. W. Fore.