Tuesday, November 14, 2006

List O' The Week: Best Places to Eat in Oxford, MS that No One Knows About...

Last week's list was the best places to eat in Oxford.

Now, for the best places to eat in Oxford that you have never heard of (what can I say, I'm a food connoisseur):

8. Chaney's Drug Store. Next to Blockbuster. The spot for ice cream.

7: H2O. Healthy Chinese on University Ave across from Sonic.

6. Handy Andy's. Local hangout. Always crowded. North of the Square, across from Sears. I always get the turkey/bacon melt. Great burgers and BBQ sandwiches as well.

5. Crossroads. BBQ joint on College Hill Road, about five miles outside of Oxford on the right.

4: Citgo. Located at Four Corners, right before the Square. Authentic African cuisine.

3. Dixieland BBQ. Located on University Ave. in the strip mall with Big Star and Subway. Best pulled pork in Oxford. Get it with the slaw and beans.

2. B's BBQ. Located in the Shell Service Station on Lamar, by the Days Inn. Best BBQ ribs in the state, done Hawaiin style. Fallin' off the bone. You will crave these for the rest of your life.

1. The Mexican Tienda. Half a block north of Handy Andy's on the right. Doesn't even have a name. It is just a Mexican store with a counter in the back. No English spoken. Order the pork torta with avacado. Thank me later.

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