Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Five Mississippi Phrases

1) "Gimme some sugar." Give me a kiss.

2) "White folks section." Where the white people live.

3) "Bust the shot clock." Score more than 100 points.

4) "Tennies." Sneakers.

5) "You better shut up talking to me." No explanation needed.


Lib said...

I would spell the word for sneakers "tennies." It is a shortened version of "tennis shoes," which is what we called all athletic shoes when I was growing up in Mississippi. Why? I don't know, but I think it's sort of like that whole "coke" thing. I was also pleased to notice that you corrected the translation for "gimme some sugar (sugah)." Who just wants a hug anyway? Though I am somewhat disappointed at your inclusion of final consonants. But it is usually good when our Northern brethren pick up some of the finer bits of Southern speech. Now, I'm fixin' to go to happy hour.

clint said...

6) "Can I have the staple machine?" Can I have the stapler.

Ben - I can't believe you didn't include any mention of the "staple machine."