Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ten Things to Know About Mississippi

Note: This is primarily about Hollandale, the town where I lived and taught, but it is certainly applicable to most Delta towns in Mississippi.

1) You can get great food at the gas station.

2) The sunsets are beautiful.

3) On your birthday people will pin a dollar to your shirt or sweater.

4) There is a white cafe and a black cafe.

5) Everyone younger will address you as "sir" or "ma'am."

6) Sweet tea is so sweet your gums tingle from the sugar.

7) Music is everywhere.

8) Not only can you get fried green tomatoes, you can get fried pickles.

9) Train tracks divide the town between white and black.

10) Everybody hugs.


Tiffany Bartlett said...

You forgot fried corn on the cob for #8.

Faith said...

OOOHHHH!!! CHICKEN ON A STICK! CHICKEN ON A STICK!!! i miss mississippi gas station food... ;)