Monday, September 04, 2006

Expanding Teacher Corps

Planning out how a potential (and optional) third and fourth year for Teacher Corps would work. Very early in the planning stages (and nonexistent in the funding stage), but something like this:

Third Year
Specialist Degree (in b/w a masters and a phd)
Summer, plus seven fall Saturdays and seven spring Saturdays
Closed classes, MTC only
Article Publication

Fourth Year
Board Certification
$6,000 raise
Seven fall Saturdays, seven spring Saturdays; Summers free
Closed classes, MTC only

The cost for setting this up looks to be about $80,000 a year, for both ($60,000 for the third year, $20,000 for the fourth).

Germain and I will meet this week and start putting something together that we can propose to the higher-ups...

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