Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Racial Reconciliation

Former Mississippi Governor William Winter talked to the second-years on Saturday. Here is what he had to say about racial reconciliation (you can see more clips from the talk here and photos here).


Anonymous said...

You guys still carrying a torch for 1960s-era issues are like those Japanese soldiers who, years after hostilities had ended, believed World War II was still being fought. Get out of the jungle already. Differences between the races still existing can be largely attributed to causes outside of past race-based policies. Continue to try locate, with a microscope, and hunt out every last vestige of anti-black sentiment in people's hearts. You'll find some somewhere, always - just like you'll still find, somewhere, those still fighting for prohibition, or against women's suffrage. Vestiges of such sentiments are out there, if you seek to find them, but they're irrelevant, of little or no impact, as are every last vestige of anti-black sentiment you lefties continue to try to hunt down. Get into at least the 1980s . . . please. You beat this horse to death decades ago.

Ben Guest said...


What the fuck are you talking about? And next time put a name on your comment.


Robert said...

I think if you can wade through anonymous's assholery, there's a true and honest sentiment that is probably widely felt in America and should be addressed: the fact that overt, Klan-style racism really is a historical relic, relegated today to the Jerry Springer-fringe. Michael Richards explodes into old-style racism and he is publicly humiliated.

There is, however, a tendency on the left to continue casting racial dialog in the same terms; it's confused, lazy, and counter-productive. It might embitter mostly well-meaning people. This does not mean, however, as anonymous seems to suggest, that race no longer presents a problem or that the problem no longer warrants attention.