Monday, January 08, 2007

Links of the Week

A brief (and entertaining) history of American politics.

Great interview with David Simon, creator of The Wire, the highest achievement of film/TV that currently exists.

What is it like being a middle school girl? First Paragraph: Morning brings the invitations. The casual ones. So routine are they that she hardly thinks about them, just waves them away like gnats. Today, for example, a boy came up to her in the hall and asked, "When are you going to let me hit that?" "That means, like, intercourse," the girl explains, with a sort of gum-popping matter-of-factness. She is 13.

High School Principal gets in a fight with one of his students.

Photo of Michael Jordan's house.

Think like a genius.

Best education blogs.

From Father to Son...

Dear son, Charles wrote on the last page of the journal, “I hope this book is somewhat helpful to you. Please forgive me for the poor handwriting and grammar. I tried to finish this book before I was deployed to Iraq. It has to be something special to you. I’ve been writing it in the states, Kuwait and Iraq.

Interview with a former Seventh-Day Adventist on Creationism.

The Barbershop Awards.

Here's an interesting question: Why are America's institutions of higher learning also operating semi-professional sports franchises?

How does Google hire employees?

How do you really know someone? Along the same lines, a teacher in Jackson has been charged with murder.

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