Monday, January 22, 2007

Links of the Week

Great article on George Bush from the 2000 election titled "The Accidental Candidate."

After retiring from the NBA David Robinson started a school.

I'd never heard of Ramsey Clark before, but he is now one of my heroes. I've never read an article that comes closer to articulating my own personal beliefs about morality and the world. Who is Ramsey Clark? He is a former Attorney General of the United States. He also served as Saddam Hussein's lawyer... Here's the article.

The Socialist Senator.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you may regret later in life, should good sense befall you, that you ever exposed to the world your affection for the very odious Ramsey Clark - essentially an avowed communist (an ideology that has certainly brought peace and light to humanity), and an affiliate of A.N.S.W.E.R. and the World Worker's Party, a man who has used his legal training to defend some truly noxious causes and individuals. A fan of Ramsey Clark who wants the US to enter Darfur to protect "human rights" - well, it's impossible to be both a fan of humanity and of Clark.

Robert said...

The article on Ramsey is fascinating, especially the revelation on the last page that makes the bafflement make sense, though maybe still somewhat baffling sense: he's stopped believing in punishment.

The writer suggests that there's a deep American-ness to his view, like someone from Melville or Hawthorn, trying to connect and relate to everyone regardless of circumstance; and I can see something of Ishmael in him, but no more than he reminds me of the Brothers Karamazov. There's an almost religious sense that he's arrived at, almost by accident it seems.

Ben Guest said...

I've heard this quote several times in the last few weeks: WIth total understanding comes total forgiveness.

I don't believe in good and evil. I don't believe that there are good people in the world and evil people in the world. I believe in empathy, sympathy, arrogance, selfishness, rage, humor, violence, love... But I don't believe in good and evil. They are just simplistic words people use because they are too lazy or self-centered or insecure to look deeper.