Sunday, July 17, 2005

Seventh Week

We had the first-ever MTC Reunion this weekend. All the events went well. On Friday afternoon we had a town-hall meeting for alumni and first-years. One of the topics was: what should the goal(s) of MTC be? It was clear from the (at times heated) debate that different people have different ideas of what MTC is, and what MTC should be. It is a good starting point for Germain, Dr. Mullins, Dr. Burnham, and myself as this discussion is one we intend to continue throughout the year. Currently MTC has three goals (you can find them on the website) but both Germain and I feel that we need to revisit these.

Governor Winter was the keynote speaker on Saturday evening and he was fantastic. He is one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. His speech focused on the impact that one teacher can have. My sense is that it was meaningful to the 50+ alumni and the 20+ first-years in the audience.

Reunion planning took a lot of time but it paid off in that everything seemed to run smoothly. This week is the start of the MTC workshops so I jump right from Reunion planning into workshop planning...

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