Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Team

The first-years have a long holiday weekend with Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off. When they return on Wednesday they will start EDSE 501, with the group of instructors we have affectionately dubbed "The Team." The Team is a group of five veteran high school teachers who will critique all of the first-years for eight straight days of lessons. This provides a lot of opportunity for growth and feedback.

This year the Team is comprised of:

Virge Cornelius: A NYC native and Smith and Harvard grad who has somehow made her way down here. She teaches math at Lafayette High School, and also teaches MTC in the fall with "Advanced Methods of Teaching Mathematics."

Judy Youngblood: She has been with MTC from the very beginning. A veteran science teacher who taught in the Oxford School District for 25+ years.

Wilma Logan: One of the best teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She teaches US History at Lafayette.

Gloria Smith: Our second math teacher, and all-around organizer. Without Gloria keeping track of everything we would all be in trouble. She teaches with Mrs. Logan and Virge at Lafayette.

Allison Litten: One of the weaknesses of the Team (in fact the only weakness, in my opinion) is that none of the Team teachers have experience teaching as part of the MTC. In the last two years we have brought in a MTC vet to fill this role. This year it is Allison Litten, French teacher extraordinaire, who taught for three years at Brookhaven High School as part of the almighty MTC Class of 2000. Although Allison is a Williams College graduate we are still excited about having here down here this summer.

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