Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer School Evaluations Part One

We gave all the students at the MTC/Holly Springs Summer School an anonymous evaluation. Here are selected comments from the "Strengths of the Summer School" question:

Strengths of the summer school:
• The summer school was fun but I don’t want to come to summer school no more cause I will pass next time.
• It was good and I enjoyed every bit of it and my teachers who helped us along the way.
• It helps gives you a second chance at what failed
• They have good people here
• I really think that the teachers were really helpful in everything we went over.
• They all meant business! They also made sure it was taught in a long period.
• The teachers
• I think that it was a real good summer school program for me.
• The teachers in class are the best.
• It was OK, and helpful.
• To help me with the work I didn’t know how to do.
• I had fun
• The good thing is I know I did my best and all the teachers did good also.
• Writing and Literature
• To learn
• I think summer school was fun and I learn something and we had a good time.
• Helps you a lot
• Helps you learn more
• Learned more here than I did in school
• I learned much, much, more than regular school!!
• They helped me learn a lot. More than I learned in a whole school year!
• That they teach well and will help you with problems that you have.
• The Great teachers especially Ms. Bartlett
• Learning what I didn’t get to learn.
• The strengths of summer school was to help us with the things we didn’t know.
• Help you learn something you didn’t learn before
• I have learned a lot in Algebra I like slope intercerpt, poloniams monomials, and more.
• I give summer school a 86/100
• I learned things that I could’ve learned during regular school, but my teachers gave me a better understanding of it.
• It was OK. I would give a A+ to 2 of my wonderful teachers. I was kind of sleepy but I hung in there.
• This helped me a lot in my english and how to act
• Group work was really good. It helped us be able to do our work without being bored.
• Extra credit and sometimes you learn more.
• They teachers taught us a lot in such a short amount of time.
• I have learned everything that I was supposed to
• Learning, and getting a better understanding
• The teachers know what they was teaching and found easy ways for us to learn the assignments
• Looking at the fine teachers
• Learning more about the class I failed than in school

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