Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Attendance Policy

Germain and I hashed out the attendance policy for MTC this morning. We both started with wildly differing opinions but managed to hack our way to an agreement after about 45 minutes. Sometimes creating the policies and procedures of MTC is like making sausage: You have a nice end product, but you don't want to see everything that is involved in making it.

Here is the policy (keep in mind that there are only seven class meeting dates):

A student may miss one class without penalty. While we expect our students to attend all classes we understand that sometimes conflicts arise.

A student may miss a second class, but will be deducted one letter grade on his or her final grade no matter what the circumstances.

If a student misses more than two classes he or she automatically fails the course. At the instructor's discretion, and with the approval of Dr. McConnell and Dean Burnham, the student may be allowed to withdraw from the course.

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