Thursday, August 17, 2006

State Test Scores

State Test results were released today. See the best and worst here. Some of the lowest performing school districts (Coffeeville, South Delta, North Panola) are districts where we place teachers.

You can look up any district or school through the state department's Office of Statistcs homepage.

I looked at the stats for Simmons High School in Hollandale. Biology I was taught by our own Jess Wysopal. In her first year of teaching Bio I there was a 39% increase in the test scores, from 69% passing to 91% passing.

Joel Hebert was responsible for English II. There was a slight drop, from 78% passing to 75% passing. But, Joel was following in the footsteps of another of our teachers, Desi Chapman, who taught English II for two years (and now works as a consultant). You can see from Joel's blog entry here that he was worried only 60% of his kids would pass. So, 75% passing in your first year of teaching English II in a critical-needs area is outstanding. Even better, the passing scores on the writing portion of the test rose from 84% passing to 96% passing. Kudos to Jess and Joel.

As I examine the stats for the other schools where our participants are teaching state-tested subjects I'll let you know of any interesting results.

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