Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Barbour and the CCC

Photo of Gov. Haley Barbour, he who is opposed to Pre-K, posing with the Council of Conservative Citizens at the Blackhawk BBQ, a fundraiser for private, white academies.

What is the CCC? Went to their website and listened to some of their audio, describing the people of New Orleans as "savages" and a "third-world population." Apparently, all of this stems from Abraham Lincoln's coup over the US Government in 1860. After the coup Lincoln went on to institute the socialist tyranny that we all live under today...

Three minutes was about all I could take but the audio was easily 45 minutes.

Here's another quote from the CCC website: "Each of the three major races plays a distinct role in history. . . . The whites were the creators of civilization, the yellows its sustainers and copyists, the blacks its destroyers.”

Why in the year 2006 (or 2003, the year the photo was taken) is the elected Governor of Mississippi courting this group's vote?

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