Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Classroom Management, Part Two

Here are some excerpts from the second meeting of last year (once again, some names and specifics have been changed):

What is your biggest classroom management challenge? Why?
Class of 2005

-Students talking over the teacher in large numbers/ getting attention

-The 16-17 year olds in Pre-Algebra for the second time who know less than
the 14 year olds in Pre-Algebra for the first time!
-Kids who just talk loud! Ask questions loud!

-Being consistent. It’s hard for me to be tough no kids. I already think I’ve
opened myself up too much.

-The students talk too much and it takes more time than necessary to quiet them down. Also, the students are not focused on work and fool around because they are bored, tired, hungry, or lost.

-TALKING!! Often isolated events. The class gets quiet when I ask for it, but 15 minutes later they get loud again. Warnings, staying after class, and detentions don’t always work. It doesn’t stop me from teaching, but losing one minute five times really adds up by the end of the class.

-Same as before; 7th period “talking back,” apathy, not cooperating last five minutes.

-Keeping up with the paperwork (i.e. grading) is a challenge. It seems impossible but I think the problem lies in getting behind. I need to schedule class time so that I can work. I hope that will be possible. So much classroom time is lost to pep rallies and teacher planning days. These meetings replace teaching time!!!! On the good side, kids are controlled.

-Pressure, too much

-Still having a problem with notes-I can ignore a few but they happen all the time. There is one class that is still pretty out of control too, just cannot seem to divert their energy to class stuff.

-The biggest challenge is still talking. I am getting better at handling it, but it’s still hard to get one side of the room quiet, because the other side starts talking.

-My 6th and 7th period classes are out of control! They are so loud. I have kept them after school twice because they couldn’t keep their voices down. I have tried everything! I am not sure what I have done wrong—I think that I am tired at the end of the day.

-No books. To have a worthwhile attention, grabbing discussion, there must be something to discuss. My classroom is organized, disciplined, and efficient. We get through the bullshit chores quickly and effectively. We have plenty of time and energy to learn-Where is the material? You can have the best management plan in the world, but without content, you’re just a babysitter!

-Getting the kids to calm down as a class. What do you do when everyone is rowdy?
-Trying to catch everyone-once you start calling out people others calm down and then students complain of not being fair
-Finding the right things to say to a student to make them take you seriously

-I have one student who lives to disrupt my classes. I moved him to the front of the room and my proximity kept him on task for two days but now he’s worse than ever. I’ve had three good weeks, but for the last two days he is disrespectful constantly talking to others, interrupting me to ask irrelevant questions. I don’t confront him as much as I should because he wants a confrontation so he can show out. He slows up my class significantly

-Current challenge is that we lost 1.5 weeks due to the hurricane, so I haven’t been able to contact parents and establish a relationship.

-I have one class that has grown drastically over the past few days. In fact, if everyone shows up, I do not have enough desks. This class now insists on misbehaving due to the large number.

-Lack of student respect. They seem to think that because I am friendly, I will be their friend and they use that as license to get away with whatever.

-Teaching to every skill level—bored kids in pre-algebra
-Allowing kids to come into my class late.

-My 6th period continues to test me, and somewhat less frequently my 5th period. The biggest problem, I think, has been handling pervasive discipline problems.

3rd and 4th periods-Total disrespect. They’re used to teachers yelling and I don’t think of myself as a particularly intimidating yeller. I’m leaning on the grade thing. Maybe failing will get through their obnoxious little skulls

-Currently, my biggest challenge is from students who push the limits of misbehavior but never step over the line and earn punishments

My 6th period is big on telling on each other when someone breaks a rule. Also, when I caught two students cheating on a quiz on Friday in 6th period, I tore up their quizzes, which made them act up the rest of the class. The disciplining takes too much time in the class.

-Students talking constantly in low voices just low enough to let me know several students are not paying attention. I have to repeat directions several times. I want to implement a system where I give directions once/twice and students must know what to do or suffer consequences.

-Controlling students who are good student’s, but have too much energy and just don’t know when to shut up. They talk out loud, but it is usually math-related. They often answer my questions before others have a chance.
-Some students have refused to do my discipline sheet. Some do not take these seriously.
-Again, I have a hard time following through with my consequences

-The 3-6 kids in each class that is constantly and excessively disruptive
-Keeping track of who I have disciplined.
-Pencil sharpening
-Bathroom breaks

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